Our Philosophy

At Fusion Pilates Asheville we share a vision for spreading the life changing benefits of Pilates, Gyrotonic, and complimentary healing modalities to people who are passionate about learning about their body through movement. Instead of putting our clients through the same repetitive choreography where we “tune out, and push through it”, we encourage our clients to actually TUNE IN to their bodies, and experience the power and potential of their mind-body connection. Our instructors with decades of experience are constantly practicing, refining, and exploring new avenues which keeps the practices that they offer to their clients alive and evolving. We empower each client with a solid movement foundation, and then systematically layer more challenges that maximize your athletic and movement potential for your own unique set of circumstances and goals. We offer a wide range of differentiated instruction because we see that a “One Size Fits All Fitness” approach is severely limited, and falls short on results.

We have a passion for sharing how cutting edge science meets ancient movement practices to maximize not just how your body looks, but how it actually feels and performs on a daily basis. No matter your movement goals, we can help you reach higher levels of performance as defined by YOU!

Our Instructors

Jennifer Gianni

Jennifer Gianni

Jennifer has 20 yrs of experience in the mind/body field. She has completed 3 full Comprehensive Professional Pilates Teacher Trainings, is certified by the Pilates Method Alliance, and is a faculty member of Balanced Body University (the world’s largest Pilates training program) which allows her to share her passion with other up and coming Pilates instructors. She is also the owner/director of FusionPilatesEDU.com, a resource website for Pilates Instructors around the world.

Her deep interest in women’s health led her to create a series of 7 DVDs which have been sited as some of the safest and most effective programs for Pre and Post Natal women. She shares this work along with workshops on Menopause, Diastasis, Anatomy, (and many others), to Pilates instructors across the globe. While Jennifer is passionate about teaching – she is also a passionate student and constantly updates her knowledge but attending continuing education workshops with the finest minds in movement.

But Jennifer’s first love and core passion lies with her clients at the studio. “The privilege of bringing everything I’ve learned and continue to learn back to the studio to help my clients progress week after week is what gives me the greatest joy…”



Casey Marie Herdt

Casey Marie Herdt

Casey Marie Herdt grew up in Tucson, Arizona where an injury caused her to try Pilates for the first time with Tracie Anderson Munn in 2002. She started her apprenticeship soon after while she attended Long Beach Dance Conditioning. That’s where she received her comprehensive certification from her mentor and constant inspiration, Marie Jose Blom.

After working with Jennifer Gianni in 2007, Casey decided to move to Asheville to make Fusion Pilates her home. She has enjoyed becoming a LeveI 1 Gyrotonic Instructor, as well as a faculty member of Balanced Body Teacher Training. The collaborative energy between Jennifer and Casey has given birth to FusionPilatesEDU.com with the goal of providing a rich resource for Pilates Professionals, as well as other live continuing education workshops.

Creative and curiosity driven, Casey’s strength is in an integrative approach to movement, as well as other bodywork modalities, to gain a unique perspective on the capabilities of the human healing. Her objective remains simple… To help people feel the freedom in their body to follow their heart.



Amy Dowling

Amy Dowling

Amy Dowling danced professionally for 10 years in major cities throughout the US prior to relocating to Asheville to start a family. Her first encounter with Pilates was in graduate school, and she was immediately taken with how the work enhanced not only her dancing but also her self-awareness. She found her way to Fusion after hearing a compelling interview with Jennifer Gianni on NPR and knew this was the environment in which she wanted to reacquaint herself with the work.

There are some who believe the body should adapt to Pilates, and others who believe the work can be adapted to the body in ways that make sense in the moment, encouraging an unwinding of movement patterns that are no longer useful. It is this approach that is fostered in the studio and it is an honor to work with clients, helping to bring them into more strength, awareness, balance, and freedom.





Elizabeth Goyer

Elizabeth Goyer

Elizabeth Goyer is a lifelong athlete and has 9 years of experience as a fitness professional. She discovered Pilates at Fusion after a severe back injury in 2011 limited her athletic pursuits. The recovery and relief that Pilates gave her is what inspired her to become an instructor.

As an instructor, she is passionate about integrating her athletic experience in running, swimming, and martial arts, with Pilates concepts and choreography.  Elizabeth is directly trained by Jen and Casey at Fusion, and she a fully trained Balanced Body Instructor. She also completed trainings in Release Work with Casey Marie, and has studied with Master Instructor Marie José Blom.

Elizabeth loves to work with all types of clients and finds Pilates to an incredible method of empowerment to strengthen the mind/body relationship. She is driven by a desire to help people make sense of their bodies and connect the dots of alignment, posture, and movement – so that we can live our best lives and do the things that excite us and challenge us!


Mary Beth Chandler

Mary Beth has worked in the Fitness Industry for over 15 years. She discovered Pilates while working as a personal trainer and began introducing the method to her clients. Mary Beth became a Certified Stott Pilates Instructor in 2004. She furthered her studies with Polestar Pilates and still enjoys learning various forms of exercise and movement. She also holds certifications with ACSM as an Exercise Physiologist, TRX Suspension Training, RYT200 Hatha and Integral Yoga, and as a Post Rehab Breast Cancer Specialist with the Pink Ribbon Program. Mary Beth enjoys helping people discover a healthy lifestyle and that workouts should be fun, educational, and challenging.




Dorene O’Malley

Dorene O’Malley wreaked havoc on her body as a young gymnast and as such spent the subsequent 30+ years struggling with back pain. Although she has been in the fitness industry since 1982, working as a an Aerobic Instructor, Dance Choreographer, Group Fitness Teacher and Personal Trainer, it wasn’t until she found Pilates that she learned how incorrectly using her back and legs contributed to her back issues.

Over the years, Dorene has completed many Certification and Training Courses from organizations such as Balanced Body Education, Polestar, the American College of Sports Medicine, M.E.L.T, IDEA, AFAA and the Franklin Method. She is a Comprehensively Certified Pilates Instructor through Balanced Body and is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance. She has recently gone through level 1 in both the Restorative Exercise Specialist program as well as Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT).

She recently sold her studio in Morgan Hill, CA and relocated to Asheville where she immediately found her way to Fusion. She is thankful for all the varied experience and educational modalities she has learned from and she enjoys devising the best blend of methods to help her clients achieve their goals.