What Are Our Client’s Saying?

The best way to learn about Fusion Pilates Asheville  is to hear from our clients.


Some Facebook Reviews…

Parker Stevens Chakales recommends Fusion Pilates — 5 star

Fusion Pilates is amazing. As a Pilates instructor, this is where I go for education and inspiration. Jen is one of the most talented and knowledgeable instructors I’ve ever had the pleasure of learning from. I am so grateful to Fusion for offering such a variety of educational opportunities in the studio and online. Jen’s Pre & Post Natal Specialist training helped me have a healthy and active pregnancy, and help my prenatal clients have a similar experience. I would highly recommend Fusion to anyone looking for talented instructors for their personal workouts, or to Pilates teachers looking for meaningful continuing education.

Christine DiBenedetto reviewed Fusion Pilates — 5 star

When me, a full time hairdresser gets stopped and asked if I’m an dancer and told I have a nice carriage… who can I give credit to? Fusion Pilates! Fusion Pilates changed my life. I started my journey over 5 years ago working with Jen, Casey and Anne all three of these phenomenal instructors have helped me reorganize my body, become a better mover in my own body, help me create a more sustainable life and career. I know truly understand that workouts do not have to “kick your ass”. The deep understanding I have about important things like femur heads and armpit health that relates so much to me, my career and being a woman has been the greatest gift I have ever given myself. At 43 I feel the best I have ever felt and my incredible instruction and devotion to the studio has paid off physically and mentally. I can not rave enough about the brilliant instruction. I am forever their student and a student of Pilates.

Melanie McGray recommends Fusion Pilates.

The instructors are the best in the field, innovative and beyond.

Ryan Bailey reviewed Fusion Pilates — 5 star

I am a pelvic floor physical therapist who works with expecting and new moms. I just took the prenatal/postnatal Pilates course with Casey and couldn’t be more happy with my experience. She is a dynamic instruction who really has a passion for Pilates, moms and helping others help moms through movement. I would highly recommend this course to anyone even considering working more closely with pregnant or postnatal clients, both from a fitness and medical perspective. -White Lotus PT

DrLulu Hetzler Shimek reviewed Fusion Pilates — 5 star

I had my first class with Jen last week and at the end of the class I felt like a different person. The release works class released and relaxed my body from head to toe. Jen was extremely knowledgeable and explained each move in complete detail. All I can say is I can’t wait for my next class!

Norma Beaty reviewed Fusion Pilates — 5 star

Taking lessons and private lessons has made all the difference in my overall wellness, but additionally has helped me get in touch with my body. As a rider, Pilates was a natural companion for my centered riding lessons. Casey and Jennifer (all the instructors) are awesome. Would highly recommend coming here. They have something for everyone. Start feeling better, come to Fusion!

Chad Schaffer reviewed Fusion Pilates — 5 star

I have been for three 1:1 sessions with Amy and she is revolutionizing my body. The effects of +20 years of desk work are slowly being reversed.

Michele Louzon reviewed Fusion Pilates — 5 star

Fusion Pilates is a fantastic place with top notch instruction.


Some Google Reviews…

pattiy torno

A great boutique Pilates studio! Small classes with skilled educators rather than just gals who run you thru the paces! I have learned so much from taking class and private’s from Dorene O’Malley!

Carol Asiaghi

Fusion Pilates is a life saver! It saves me from having to go to the Chiropractor every week for my back. The teachers are masterful and truly know how to work with your body on every level. I highly recommend it for getting in shape, stretching and strengthening. Also, the teachers and the people who attend classes are so nice, I’ve made a lot of friends! I truly can’t miss a week without Fusion!

Natasha Kubis

Fusion Pilates is a beautiful boutique studio in downtown Asheville with awesome teachers and classes. I recently moved from NYC and was hoping I would be able to find a good studio here in town and I can’t be happier. So far I have taken Jennifer’s class and really like her teaching methods. It’s obvious that she has extensive knowledge of anatomy and is very good at communicating proper body mechanics. I look forward to my next class!

Jason Marshall

I just went to a release class. The facility is very nice and the staff was very helpful and friendly. The class was very helpful and I felt like the staff made sure to give personal attention where and when needed.

Lisa Jacobs

The highest quality Pilates instruction and equipment. The teachers are top notch, creating a holistic approach to better alignment and pain free living. They have helped me tremendously, and have also helped me to help others – I’m a licensed massage therapist and what I’ve learned from Fusion I’ve been able to successfully integrate into my practice.

Dina Rose

Fusion Release classes have reduced my neck pain, leg cramps and inability to lift my arms over my head to zero. The instructors are attentive and give easy to follow instruction – moreover they are willing to check and correct your positioning to ensure you are deriving the most benefit. I don’t know of anywhere else one can get this therapeutic work. I am thrilled with the results I am getting and highly recommend Fusion Pilates.

Jessica M

Fusion is the best! At this studio, you will find passionate and educated instructors and a warm, welcoming environment for everyone. They will challenge you to get a great workout but better yet… you will learn how to move well which impacts every other part of your life. When I started going to Fusion, I was “fit” but could barely walk due to low back and SI joint pain (after seeing physical therapists, doctors, chiropractors, etc. with no improvement). The teachers at Fusion helped me to understand how to find stability and strength efficiently (where to apply effort, where to let go), how to be patient with myself and so many other important lessons. Every class provides another learning experience that I can apply in all of my other exercise activities and in life. As a result, I am healthy and feel more fluidity, strength and balance than I ever have before…

Kristine Kaufman

If you are pregnant and living in the Asheville area, you NEED to be working with Jen and her team at Fusion Pilates during your pregnancy. They are extremely knowledgeable about pregnancy and a woman’s body. During both of my pregnancies, I did pilates here and it helped a ton to relieve my pregnancy aches and pains. I had minimal back pain and if I was ever feeling some start, I would do some of the moves they taught us and it went away. I have also done their non-pregnancy reformer classes and they were great too. Overall awesome knowledgeable and friendly staff and a great experience!

Michèle Drivon

I am amazed at the precision in assessment and guidance I’ve experienced in private lessons with Jen, Kasey, and Amy — all exceptionally skillful teachers.

Lynn Bledsoe

Fusion Pilates is the best kept secret in Asheville – but it is well known around the world! I came to Fusion 3 years ago when I was referred by my pilates practitioner in another state (who happens to be an online Fusion student). Over three years, my pilates work prepared me to walk a significant portion of the Camino de Santiago (I was the only person in my group who did not get blisters on my feet, to which I attribute pilates preparation and footwork) and the best news of all is that my bone density results have literally improved since I have begun pilates. All of the Fusion practitioners are brilliant, supportive, fun and resourceful!

Theresa Matthews

Love Jennifer and her staff. Everyone makes you feel welcomed.

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