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schedule_onlineGroup Mat and Equipment Classes

Walk-ins are welcome, but classes may be full. Schedule subject to change.
Please sign up for classes in advance by calling 828.333.4611 or Schedule Online or see the schedule below.

For individual class descriptions, please click on the class name in the schedule. Note that each class has a two-letter designation, which categorizes it as follows:

  • AC

    Athletic Cardio

    These classes are all about raising your heart rate and making you sweat.

  • AS

    Athletic Strengthening

    These classes are meant to make your muscles burn. The exercises will flow one right after another with little rest in between. You’ll feel the effects of the class the next day.

  • GS

    Gentle Strengthening

    These classes build strength without causing too much stress or strain in any one area. The transitions between exercises will be a slower pace with lots of stretching and breathing sequences to fill in the gaps. You will feel energized, strong, and lengthened when you leave class.

  • RR

    Release and Restore

    These classes are designed to help you unwind, key down, and rejuvenate. The emphasis is on release work and stretching. The core training exercises in these classes will build skills for all the athletic strengthening classes, and are a great way to balance your body and keep you injury free.

FIT Program

Please contact us to set up your Fit Program by calling 828.333.4611 or Click Here.

Weekly Class Schedule