Shoulder, Core, and Leg Relationships in Walking

Welcome to your thirty days of access to Shoulder, Core, and Leg Relationships in Walking with Jennifer Gianni. Feel free to ask questions or discuss using the comment section below.

  • Wear pants that can easily be pulled up over the knee and a shirt that can be easily pulled up to access belly and lower back skin!
  • Try to have 2 blocks or 2 hard back books that are the same size.
  • Have a chair that has a high back and Wall space near.

Props needed:

  • Overball
  • 2 pinky or tennis balls (well used and not new!)
  • Double Tennis ball (not hard ) You can tie 2 tennis ball in a sock
  • Blankets and /or Bolster
  • Bag of heavy groceries or books to lift and carry
  • yoga block or hard back books
  • Chair with a high back
  • Half foam roller
  • 2 foam rollers (soft is better) This is only for one exercise


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